Common Issues

For Immediate Assistance contact the C&IT HelpDesk.

  • What happens if a student gets locked out of their exam?
    • The student should immediately contact their instructor. The instructor is the only person who can re-enable the exam for the student. Contact information can usually be found on the Course Syllabus.

  • How do I know if my browser is compatible with Blackboard?
    • If you navigate to your Blackboard Homepage, you will find a button at the top left labeled Test your Browser. Here you will be notified on what you need to do to obtain a fully functional browser while using Blackboard. You may also be asked to navigate through some browser tests to determine functional ability. We highly suggest using the Browser Test before starting a course in Blackboard.

  • Why can I only see the Announcements page on my Blackboard Course Site?
    • If you can only see the Announcements page on your Blackboard Course Site, you most likely clicked the Hide/Show Course Menu Bar. To show your Course Menu, simply locate and click the Hide/Show Course Menu Bar on the left side of your screen. The Hide/Show Course Menu Bar will turn dark gray upon hovering over with your mouse. If you are having trouble locating it, click here for visual aid.