My Grades

If your instructor has enabled the grading function, the My Grades screen will display the grades received on the selected course work. Your instructor has the option to release grades immediately after an activity (such as an exam) or to hold the grades if your answers will need to be reviewed (such as short answers, papers or project based work).

Depending on your instructor's settings the My Grades screen MAY contain:
  1. Item Name: The name of the Assignment, Test, Quiz, or Survey.
  2. Due Date: The date that the Item must be completed.
  3. Last Student Activity: Most recent date and time of the students activity on the Item.
  4. Last Instructor Activity: Most recent date and time of the instructors activity on the Item.
  5. A Grade Column: Displays all of the grades which the instructor has chosen to release to you. The grades may be in the form of a letter grade or a number grade.
  6. Statistics Columns: Some professors choose to display Course Statistics for an Item. This may include the average score for the class on the listed coursework or it may display detailed information for the listed coursework such as; the average, median, maximum and minimum scores for the class as well as, the number of students that participated in the activity, the standard deviation and a histogram. It is not typical for instructors to display statistics.
  7. A Comments Column: displaying the instructors comments that were entered with your grade.

How To Use:

1) Select Tools from the Course Menu.

2) Select My Grades from the Tools Menu.

3) A page titled My Grades appears. A table similar to the one below will appear, listing columns with the title of the Item, Due Date, Last Student Activity, Last Instructor Activity, Grade and where applicable Statistics.