My Portfolios

Blackboard has the capability to allow users to create their own portfolios. At Wayne State University, we only support the use of Basic e-Portfolios. In a Basic e-Portfolio you can display information about yourself in the form of Text, Text Files, Pictures, Audio, Video, and a new feature called Mash-ups. You may also view the Basic e-Portfolios of other students, as long as they have been shared with you. You will only be required to create a Basic e-Portfolio if it is required in one of your courses. To access My Portfolios navigate to the Portfolios Homepage in the Tools Menu.

To learn more about how to create a Basic e-Portfolio click here to enroll yourself in our Basic e-Portfolio Introduction course.

How to Access My Portfolios:

1) Select Tools from the Course Menu.

2) Select the Portfolios Homepage icon.

3) Click My Portfolios.