Wimba Classroom

Wimba Classroom is a program integrated with Blackboard that is used for live online meetings. Wimba Classroom provides a virtual classroom environment within your Blackboard course where your instructor can deliver lectures and facilitate collaborative learning activities - just like in a face-to-face classroom. In this environment students and faculty can talk to each other using a headset (headphones with microphone), text chat, as well as video chat for real-time instant communication.

System Requirements:

Before accessing a Wimba Classroom, you will be prompted to run through a Setup Wizard to make sure that your computer meets all of the System Requirements.

To Access Wimba Classroom:

1) Select Tools from the Course Menu.

2) Select Wimba Classroom from the Tools Menu.

3) A page titled List of Rooms and Archives appears. Select the Title of the Room or Archive that you would like to enter.


4) A page title Wimba Classroom appears. You may click Run Wizard now, but you will be automatically prompted to go through the Wizard before you enter the Room. Click Enter Room.


4) A page titled Wimba Classroom Setup Wizard appears. Click Start to run the Setup Wizard.

5) Click Next as you proceed through the Setup Wizard.

5) Click Launch when the Setup Wizard has successfully completed

6) You should be able to enter the Wimba Classroom successfully.